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Embrace Pet Insurance offers comprehensive and affordable pet insurance plans. Learn more about their coverage, discounts, loyalty rewards, mobile app, and more. Find out if Embrace is the right choice for you and your pet with our Embrace pet insurance review.


As pet owners, we want to make sure our furry friends get the best care possible. But with rising veterinary costs, it’s important to have a pet insurance policy that can help protect us from expensive vet bills. Embrace Pet Insurance is one of the leading providers of pet insurance in the United States and offers comprehensive coverage at affordable prices. In this review, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of Embrace Pet Insurance to help you decide if it’s the right pet insurance policy for you. We’ll also explain their coverage options and discounts and show you how to get the most out of your policy. So, if you’re in the market for a pet insurance provider, let’s dive into the details and see how Embrace stacks up to other insurers.

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What is Embrace Pet Insurance?

Embrace Pet Insurance is a comprehensive pet health insurance plan designed to cover your furry family member from nose to tail. Embrace covers expenses related to accidents and illnesses, including breed-specific, congenital, and chronic conditions. The plan includes all associated costs like exam & consultation fees, diagnostic tests, procedures & treatments, emergency & specialty care, and dental illness up to $1,000/year, and more.

Unlike many pet insurance companies, Embrace’s dog insurance plan is designed to cover both curable and incurable conditions. That means if your pet has a pre-existing condition, you can still get the most coverage to help you manage their care. You can even request a medical history review to determine if your pet’s pre-existing condition can be covered.

Embrace also offers a few features that set it apart from the competition. For one, they have a unique best diminishing deductible feature which allows you to reduce your annual deductible by $50 every time you file a claim. They also have PawSupport, their 24/7 pet health line, to offer guidance and advice when you need it. Plus, they offer wellness rewards for routine care like spay/neuter surgery,teeth cleaning, wellness exams, grooming & nail trims, nutritional supplements, and more.

If you’re interested in getting a free quote, Embrace offers customer support Monday through Friday from 9 am-8 pm ET. They also offer insurance for dogs of all ages and let you customize deciding insurance elements to build the best dog insurance policy that fits your budget. In addition to these customizable factors such as annual deductible, reimbursement, and annual maximums, the company also offers perks like a 10% Multi-pet Discount and a 5% Military Discount.

Finally, their easy claim process makes it simple to get reimbursed for your pet’s healthcare costs. All you have to do is choose any vet, submit a claim, and wait for reimbursement. Overall, Embrace is an excellent pet insurance solution for dog owners. With plenty of customizable features, great customer service, and a comprehensive coverage plan – it’s no surprise that Embrace Pet Insurance is one of the most popular pet insurance providers in the United States.

“Providing you with peace of mind is our number one priority. When the unexpected becomes your reality, we’ll be there – every new accident and illness, every treatment plan, every step of the way.”


What does Embrace cover?

Nowadays, pet insurance can be just as expensive as health insurance for humans and it’s important to understand what you will get for your money. Embrace Pet Insurance is considered to be one of the most comprehensive pet insurance plans available today.

They cover from nose to tail for every unexpected accident and illness, including breed-specific, congenital, and chronic conditions. In addition to providing reimbursement for the cost of veterinary care, Embrace also covers all associated costs such as exam & consultation fees, diagnostic tests, procedures & treatments, emergency & specialty care, surgery & hospitalization, behavioral therapy, follow-up care including rehabilitation, prosthetic limbs, and devices, mobility aids, dental illness up to $1,000/year, and prescription medications.

However, Embrace Pet Insurance does not cover cosmetic, elective, or preventative procedures; breeding, pregnancy, or whelping; or prescription diet food.

embrace pet insurance review
Embrace cover from nose to tail for every unexpected accident and illness, including breed-specific, congenital, and chronic conditions

How does Embrace pet insurance work?

Embrace Pet Insurance follows a reimbursement-based model, which means you pay for veterinary services and then submit a claim for reimbursement. You can choose any licensed vet, so you do not have to worry about being tied to a specific practice or network.

The company allows you to personalize factors such as the annual deductible, reimbursement rate, and annual maximums to create a policy that fits your budget and needs. Most Embrace plans also come with waiting periods, which are the amount of time before certain conditions and illnesses will be covered by your policy.

Embrace Pet Insurance cost?

The cost of Embrace Pet Insurance will depend on several factors, both pet-based and policy-based. When it comes to pet-based factors, the primary considerations are the species, breed, gender, and age of your pet. For instance, dogs often cost more to insure than cats due to their larger size and greater need for veterinary care. Also, breeds with a predisposition for genetic conditions will typically have higher premiums and male pets tend to have higher premiums since they are more likely to file claims. Similarly, premiums increase with age as pets become more prone to health complications over time. Geographic location also plays a role in the cost of pet insurance since veterinary care is much more expensive in metropolitan cities than in rural or suburban areas.

When it comes to policy-based factors, the most important things to consider are the level of coverage chosen, pet insurance deductible, reimbursement percentage, annual maximums and riders or optional coverages. Maintenance or enrollment fees may also be included in the cost of your plan. To get the most accurate estimate for your pet’s insurance cost, you can request a free quote online or contact Embrace Pet Insurance directly at 1-(844) 251-4871, Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM ET.

Who owns Embrace Pet Insurance?

NSM Insurance Group acquired Embrace Pet Insurance in April 2019, making it a part of the NSM Insurance Group family. The NSM Insurance Group is a leading provider of specialty insurance products for high-risk industries, including pet insurance. As part of the acquisition, the company has made a commitment to uphold the values that have been fundamental to Embrace since its creation. These core values include openness and honesty, giving back, personal responsibility, innovation, being passionate, and customer fixation. In addition to valuing these principles, NSM Insurance Group also brings its expertise in managing and administering pet insurance policies to the Embrace Pet Insurance organization.

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Where are they based?

Embrace Pet Insurance is based in Cleveland, Ohio. The company was founded in 2003 and has been a leader in the pet insurance industry ever since. Embrace has been acknowledged for many of its accomplishments over the years, having won Wharton Business Plan Winner in July 2003, Service Excellence Award in December 2021, NorthCoast 99 Award in September 2021, Great Place to Work Certified in October 2021, and most recently the Forbes number one spot for pet insurance in 2022. Their dedication to providing quality customer service, comprehensive coverage, and competitive prices is what makes Embrace the top choice for pet insurance.

How long has Embrace pet insurance been around?

Embrace Pet Insurance has been around since 2003, making it one of the longest-running pet insurance companies in the United States. They have always been dedicated to providing compassionate customer care, timely claims processing and 24/7 policy management for their customers. Their commitment to providing quality service and comprehensive coverage has made them the number one choice for pet insurance since 2022 according to Forbes.

Advantages of Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance offers several advantages, including customers being able to customize their policy with coverage levels and optional riders as well as being able to set their own deductible and reimbursement percentage. Here are some of the other advantages that Embrace Pet Insurance offers:

●    Comprehensive coverage: Embrace offers a variety of plans with different levels of coverage that can be tailored to fit the needs and budget of each customer.

●    Affordable premiums: Embrace works hard to ensure its customers get the best possible rates without compromising on coverage.

●    Fast claims processing: All claims are processed within 48 hours, and customers can view their claim status online.

●    24/7 customer service: Customers can easily contact a member of the Embrace team at any time for help or to ask questions about their policies.

●    Flexible options: Customers can choose from a wide range of riders and optional coverages to customize their coverage.

●    Discounts: Embrace offers a range of discounts, including a 10% Multi-pet Discount and 5% Military Discount.

●    Loyalty rewards: Loyal customers are rewarded through the Embrace Pet Insurance Loyalty Program, which offers exclusive discounts and other perks.

●    No age or breed restrictions: Embrace does not impose any age or breed restrictions, meaning that everyone can get the coverage they need.

●    Veterinary exam fee reimbursement: Customers can get reimbursement for specified veterinary exam fees when they enroll in a policy.

●    Embrace Pet Insurance mobile app: iOS and Android users can access their policy information, submit claims, check coverage, add pets, update billing information, etc from the Embrace Pet Insurance mobile app.

embrace pet insurance app
The App makes claiming super easy and convenient

“Our love of pets and customer fixation earned us the top spot for pet insurance on the Forbes list of America’s Best Insurance Companies 2022.”


Disadvantages of Embrace Pet Insurance

As with any pet insurance policy, there are a few drawbacks to consider when purchasing Embrace Pet Insurance. These include:

●    Pre-existing conditions: Embrace does not cover any pre-existing conditions, so you may be denied coverage if your pet has a pre-existing condition.

●    Exclusions: There are certain treatments and illnesses that are excluded from the policy, such as elective or cosmetic procedures. It’s important to read the fine print and understand what is excluded from coverage.

●    Geographical restrictions: Embrace only offers coverage in the United States, so if you are an international pet owner, you will need to seek out a different provider.

●    No accident-only plans: All policies offered by Embrace must include both accident and illness coverage, making them more comprehensive but more expensive.

Verdict – Is Embrace good Pet Insurance?

Overall, Embrace Pet Insurance is a great option for pet owners who are looking for comprehensive and flexible coverage at competitive prices. Their wide range of plans, discounts, and loyalty rewards make them an attractive choice for both first-time and returning customers alike. They also offer a mobile app to make managing your policy easier than ever. While there are some drawbacks to consider before signing up, the advantages of Embrace Pet Insurance generally outweigh the disadvantages. So if you’re looking for pet insurance that offers great coverage, affordable premiums, and a simple claims process – Embrace Pet Insurance is definitely worth considering.

embrace pet insurance review
Loyalty rewards: Loyal customers are rewarded through the Embrace Pet Insurance Loyalty Program, which offers exclusive discounts and other perks.


In conclusion, Embrace Pet Insurance is one of the best pet insurance providers on the market. They offer comprehensive coverage at affordable prices and provide discounts for multi-pet owners and military personnel. Their no age or breed restrictions policy makes them an ideal choice for pet owners, and their fast claims processing times make sure you don’t have to wait too long for reimbursement. Although Embrace does not cover all pre-existing conditions and there are geographical restrictions, they still offer a comprehensive pet insurance policy that can help you save money on vet bills. So, if you’re looking for affordable and comprehensive pet insurance, an Embrace Pet Insurance policy is worth considering.

What are your thoughts on Embrace Pet Insurance? Have you used their services before? Let us know in the comments!

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