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If a significant portion of your outgoings is devoted to vetting bills, you’ll surely want to know about Pets Best Insurance, its coverage, pros and cons, cost, and more. Read on for our full Pets Best Insurance Review.


Your furry companions’ love is priceless though, so you are responsible for treating them with care and making conscious decisions for their well-being. Keeping pets at home can be expensive, especially since the medical portion of outlays can be quite frightening.

Pets Best Insurance can take off that financial pressure. Pets Best Insurance company is one of the leading and trusted pet healthcare brands in the USA that aims to provide your fur baby with the best possible wellness program, preserve your precious finances, and above all, take on the burden of your big-budget vet bills.

In this Pets Best Pet Insurance Review, we will answer all your questions, whether they are about its merits and demerits or its average insurance cost. We’ll dive deep into details and discover a lot more.

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What is Pets Best Insurance?

Pets Best embraces a team of dedicated zoophiles and veterinarians who are working in collaboration to make the petkeeping experience hassle-free and ensure that your pets get the care they deserve. This thoughtful scheme was inaugurated in the year 2005 by a celebrated veterinarian “Dr. Jack Stephens.”

Dr. Jack Stephens, honored as “Pet Insurance Guru” by Veterinary Practice News, came up with the idea of rescuing domestic animals after he had to remorselessly kill a dog on the orders of the dog’s owner, who couldn’t afford the vet bills.

The Pets Best team is committed to taking responsibility for your four-legged friend’s welfare and bringing relief to the caregivers in the financial department so that they don’t hold back from their dream of pet parenting. This is the reason why millions of pet parents have preferred Pets Best Insurance over others.

To make the pet parenting experience more joyful, Pets Best has launched its mobile app. This step was taken for the ease of policyholders. The mobile app enables you to ask queries or enroll a new furry friend on the go.

What does Pets Best cover?

The Pets Best insurance policy covers a wide range of wellness programs for your pups and kittens, including surgeries, accidents, illnesses, cancer, allergies, and much more. Moreover, the Pets Best insurance scheme also covers prescription medicines, veterinary check-ups, spaying & neutering, teeth cleaning, microchipping, diagnostic panels, vaccinations, etc.

To make it reasonable, some unforeseen and rare medical conditions have been excluded from the basic insurance package. However, with the Pests Best mobile app, you can buy additional add-ons anytime, such as coverages for routine care, hereditary and congenital conditions, alternative therapies, behavioral therapy, etc.

How much is Pets Best Insurance?

Pets Best Insurance basic package is an easy-on-wallet plan which enables pet owners to make the most out of $9 once a month for their doggie and $6 every month for their kitten. However, accidents or illness programs can cost you a whopping $58 in the case of a dog and somewhere between $22 to $46 if it is a cat.

Keep in mind that the Pets Best insurance package cost is greatly influenced by the age group, species, and environment of your pets.

Who owns Pets Best Insurance?

Pets Best Insurance Company was bought by Synchrony in the year 2019. Synchrony is a remarkable financial services brand in the US that has dramatically revolutionized the health, telecommunication, and pet department. Ever since Pets Best was acquired by Synchrony, its network has become more widespread and established.

Pets Best was founded in 2005 by Dr. Jack Stephens, the “father” of the pet insurance industry in North America

I have experienced firsthand the deep connection between humans and pets, so much so, that it helped me overcome life threatening stage IV cancer.”

Dr. Jack Stephens, DVM, founder of Pets Best and author “A Different Kind of Veterinarian

Where are they based?

Pets best insurance is a US-based pet insurance company that was established in the year 2005 in the metropolis of Idaho.

How long has Pets Best Insurance been around?

It’s been 18 years since Pets Best was established by a renowned veterinarian. Up until now, this pet welfare scheme has successfully fulfilled the founder’s dream and established itself as a trusted pet care brand.

This is the reason that this remarkable insurance company has gained hundreds of positive reviews from thousands of happy customers on popular review sites, such as Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs.

Advantages of Pets Best Insurances

The Pets Best dedicated team has been working for over 18 years to provide policyholders with the finest healthcare services for their pets. Here are some of the advantages of the Pets Best pet insurance plans:

●        High ratings on social media platforms and web pages have made this insurance program stand up amongst competitors of other pet insurance companies.

●        The Pets Best mobile app comes in handy when you are wanting to upgrade the enrolled pet status, buy some additional add-ons or customize the plan that best fits your budget.

●        Inclusive and flexible coverage makes the insurance plan the best bet for caregivers.

●        Backed by Synchrony make pet parents confident that their fur babies are in safe hands, owing to the financial stability of the respected insurer.

●        Routine checkups and minor accident coverage offer your four-legged friends medical care as and when required.

●        Pet parents can reach out to trained veterinarians and get their expert opinion through the 24/7 pet helpline.

●        The economical price of the basic insurance package is designed to meet any budget and basic requirements of the pets.

●        You can avail yourself of a 5% discount on registering an additional pet to this program.

Pets Best Pet Insurance advantages
Pet insurance reimburses you on your veterinary bills when your dog or cat gets sick or injured.

Disadvantages of Pets Best Insurance

Just like any other pet insurance provider, some features of Pets Best insurance may be a bit of a letdown. These include:

●        Serious mishaps and accidents are not covered in the basic insurance package.

●        Complementary treatments, such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy, etc., do not come under the plan. So, you will have to pay for it out of your pocket.

●        Shopping for additional add-ons and coverage can mess up your budget.

●        Cruciate ligament coverage gets activated after a hold-up of 6 months.

●        Senior pets are not covered in the basic plan, and their coverage costs you the premium package.

Verdict- Is Pets Best Good Pet Insurance?

Pets Best Insurance is undoubtedly one of the top-tier pet insurance providers out there. This animal welfare program is helping millions of pet parents keep their furry baby’s health on track without breaking the bank on veterinary invoices.

The basic package is quite affordable and offers extensive coverage to fulfill the medical needs of your fur companions. The basic plan can be personalized by sitting in the comfort of your home through the Pets Best mobile app. And, if you are looking for extra illness coverage, you can always go for high-end comprehensive plans.

Moreover, you can take advantage of the PetsBest dedicated 24/7 helpline to communicate with professionals and get their expert advice. Although the Pets Best Insurance scheme has a few downsides, such as expensive add-ons and non-coverage for senior pets; however, you should weigh the undeniable health benefits for your pet, which seem way more significant than the demerits.

Pets Best Pet Insurance coverage review
It’s important to insure your pet when it’s still healthy, because no pet insurance plan covers pre-existing conditions

“Our commitment to provide customers with exceptional customer service is at the core of what we strive to achieve every day, and our customers love sharing their personal pet health insurance reviews about their experience with us.”


Petkeeping comes along with unexpected veterinary visits and tough-on-wallet medical bills. Fortunately, Pets Best has got your back.

Pets Best is a USA-based, top-ranked pet insurance brand that offers a wide range of wellness programs for your precious pets. Their insurance plans have extensive pet coverage covering routine checkups, illnesses, minor accidents, and other features usually required for the well-being of your furry fellows.

Moreover, additional add-ons can be bought that best suits your preferences and wallet. A notable step taken by Pets Best insurance company for the comfort of pet parents is launching their mobile app and setting up a 24/7 pet health line. Furthermore, Pets Best was acquired by one of the most distinguished and financially sound companies in the US in 2019, and ever since, its business has expanded by leaps and bounds.

However, Pets Best Insurance is not a complete package and fails to cover a few crucial features, as explained above. Your part is to be vigilant while selecting an insurance package and to make it personalized in a way that best fits your pet’s needs.

What are your thoughts on pet insurance, pet insurance cost and the value you receive?

Have you read other pet insurance reviews? Do you have pet insurance for your animals? Why/ why not? Let us know in the comments!

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