Petbarn Review; Best range and best prices?

Petbarn sells pet supplies online or in stores throughout Australia. They provide grooming, training, and insurance also. So what exactly do they stock and how do their prices compare? Read our full Petbarn review..


Petbarn is one of the largest suppliers of products for pets in Australia, with more than 200 stores. You can also buy products online with 2 hour delivery if you have a store close to you. With regular discounts for members and for repeat purchases, you can get your pet supplies quite cheaply. They also match the prices of other stores, so it is important to shop around before you buy.

Petbarn provides services as well as products. You can find links to local vets on the Petbarn website. You can also find puppy training schools and groomers. If you have a pet, it’s worth checking out Petbarn when you need supplies.

What does Pet Barn sell? Do they have a wide range of products?

Petbarn stores are large and sell all kinds of pet supplies. No matter what kind of pet you have, you will probably find what you need at Petbarn. As well as things like dog food, cats food and bedding, you can buy books and toys and even insure your pet or get it groomed. If you go to the website, you will find options like pet sitters and pet hotels. These are not available everywhere, so you would need to check the Petbarn near you.

There is also training for dogs, but not for other animals. Pity about that. I have never been able to get my cat to do anything.

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 How many Petbarn stores are in Australia?

There are more than 200 stores across Australia, so chances are you’ll be able to find one near you.

 Is Petbarn Australian owned?

Unfortunately, Petbarn is no longer an Australian company. It is owned by TPG which is American. They acquired Petbarn in 2018.

Who owns Petbarn?

TPG Capital acquired Greencross, which operates Petbarn, City Farmers, and Greencross Vets.

How long has Petbarn been around?

Petbarn has been around since 1979. At the time, it began as a store that mainly supplied pet food. Later, it acquired Greencross Vet. It has also added insurance to its products.

Does Petbarn have live animals?

For the most part, Petbarn doesn’t sell live animals as pets, but you can buy live insects and worms as pet food. My local Petbarn also sells a small selection of freshwater fish for aquariums. You can also get information about pet adoptions and find an adoption centre near you. My local Petbarn sometimes has kittens for adoption in the store.

There are many reasons why you should adopt a pet instead of buying from a breeder. Petbarn helps make it easier.

“We believe health and wellness isn’t about one thing, it’s about everything you do to care for your pet both physically and mentally.”

How do the prices compare at Petbarn? Are they cheap?

Petbarn is competitive, but not necessarily cheaper than other online suppliers for pet products. Canstar gives Petbarn three stars for value for money. Pet Circle and Budget Pet Products both get five stars from Canstar Blue.

Do Petbarn have a price guarantee?

According to the website, Petbarn will match any price in Australia. If you can show that you can get a product cheaper somewhere else, Petbarn will match that price.

 Does Petbarn deliver all over Australia? What are the shipping costs?

You can get a delivery from Petbarn anywhere in Australia, but delivery times will vary. It can take up to 6 days to get your delivery if you live in regional areas. If you live within 10 km of a physical Petbarn store, you can get the two hour delivery service for only $9.95.

If you want to save the delivery fee, then you could try their click and collect service. You only have to wait thirty minutes for that.

Does Petbarn have a puppy school?

Petbarn has two different kinds of classes for puppies. The first one is Puppy School for puppies from 8 to 16 weeks. It is an hour a week for 5 weeks. The puppies don’t come to the first class. Pet parents learn how to house train their puppy and other basic life skills for their puppy. There is also basic training.

The second class is for older puppies and it is called Beginner Class. This class is more about training. It is also a 5 week class. When you buy a puppy, you should start training as soon as you can. To learn when you should start training, see Puppy Training Timeline: Teaching Good Behavior Before It’s Too Late.

 Your local Petbarn may also offer classes for older dogs as well. You can find information about classes on the Dog school page of the website.

Petbarn Grooming Academy
Petbarn sometimes has puppy school and dog training for older dogs too – you will have to check what your local store provides.

Does Petbarn have pet insurance? How does it compare?

Petbarn pet insurance uses the same Underwriter as Woolworths. Hollard Insurance Company is a South African company.  You may prefer to use insurance that is underwritten in Australia, but Hollard Insurance seems to be a reputable company.

 Petbarn provides a similar service to most of the other insurance companies. It is worth shopping around to see if you can get a policy that suits you better, but the price is fairly competitive.

There have been some issues with pet insurance lately, and in recent months Choice published this article about an ASIC stop order on pet insurance brands.

Petbarn Pet Insurance
Petbarn also provides Pet Insurance

Does Petbarn have grooming services?

Petbarn provides a lot of grooming services. The cheapest one is the Essential Tidy Groom. It ranges in price from $70 for a dog which is under 10 kg to $140 for dogs over 50 kg.

 You do not have to get your dog’s fur trimmed at Petbarn. They will bathe your dog as well. Even dogs with short coats can benefit from professional grooming. For more information about How often to send your dog to the groomer, read this article.

Petbarn grooming
Petbarn provides grooming services too

Advantages of shopping at Petbarn

●     Easy to search for what you want on the website, and huge range of products

●     You can be sure that you will get everything you want at Petbarn

●     Petbarn offers good discounts for members and it will also give a discount for repeat deliveries.

●     If you make a large order you can get free shipping.

●     If you live close to a Petbarn you can get same day delivery.

●     Petbarn has regular sales, so you could be able to make good savings on products that you buy regularly.

Disadvantages of shopping at Petbarn

●     Like other stores that promise price matching, you have to be careful. If you don’t do comparison shopping you might find that you are paying more.

●     Some people have complained about poor customer service from the Pet Barn team. It is sometimes hard to find floor staff to help you while shopping. Others have said that it is hard to get help online as well.

●     When you are shopping online, the website allows you to order things that are not available, and you won’t know until you try to pay for your order.

●     Some shoppers have pointed out that you can only buy dog food in bulk. 

Is shopping at PetBarn really worth it?

The shops are large and you can easily find what you want, but it might be difficult to get help from a staff member or store manager. That, of course, will depend on which store you go to. If you want to buy supplies, such as dog food, cat food or kitty litter in bulk, you will save yourself a lot of effort by ordering it online from PetBarn. Discounts for repeat deliveries and for members could help reduce the price even more.

Like all stores, you should do some comparison shopping to make sure you are getting the best deal, but on the whole, I think that it is worth going to Petbarn.

“And at the end of the day, creating a comfortable and safe environment is one of the most important jobs a Pet Parent has.”


If you are a pet owner, you should definitely check out Petbarn. It probably has the largest range of pet supplies of all the stores in Australia. It might not always be the cheapest, but it does offer price matching. If you find a cheaper price elsewhere, Petbarn will match it. It also has discounts for members and for repeat orders. The website is easy to use and they offer 2 hour delivery in some places. Although you can’t buy live animals at Petbarn, you can get almost everything else, including services such as grooming and pet insurance. They also facilitate the adoption of animals from shelters and you may even see pets that are up for adoption in the store.

It is always important to do comparison shopping, but chances are you will find what you want at the right price in Petbarn – hopefully you find some helpful staff and great service too!

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